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Vacuum Pump PRODUCTS

Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products

Roots,Rotary-Vane and Oil Diffusion Vacuum Pump Unit

Features & Application:
Oil is used as medium for this unit, so there is some restriction for the use under vacuum environment which should be avoid of oil pollution.But the use of PCP phenol ether or PCP phenol silicone as working solution and oil back-streaming could be improved greatly.min。Water-cooling baffle could be also used, and the installation of a simple liquid nitrogen trap could make oil back-streaming rate less then 5 ×10-6mg/cm2.min.So it can be also widely applied in the industries such as optics, electronics, vacuum metallurgy, aerospace and nuclear industry.
The main pumps of this unit includes:The two types of (JK Serials) Straight oil diffusion pump and (JKT Serials) convex cavity oil diffusion pump.Typical application equipment such as various single-crystal vacuum furnace, vacuum sintering furnace and vacuum coating machine etc.
This unit has the features such as compact structure, flexible and reliable operation, easy to use. It is widely applied in electronic industry, metallurgy industry, chemical industry, nuclear industry and in scientific research technology fields such as aerospace.The ultra vacuum environment required by vacuum sintering furnace, vacuum coating machine, vacuum electron-beam welder, various vacuum furnace, electron microscope, various electron rays, accelerators and space simulation chamber could be achieved by JK serial diffusion vacuum pump unit. 
This unit comes with JK serial oil diffusion jet vacuum pump unit (also called oil booster unit).It has good capacity of gas extracting, with short rough extracting, easy to maintain and operating. It is ideal corollary equipment for vacuum application equipment.But this unit is not suitable for the gases which exclude corrosion towards metals and chemical reaction towards pump oil.Now it is widely applied by solar product enterprises. 

Vacuum Pump Related Products

Quality first, service first as the goal, to provide customers with high-quality products